A Tex-Mex street food spot in north Norfolk has launched a new menu ahead of its hunt for a winter home.

Guac & Mole was started 18 months ago by Tom Webb and during the summer it has a restaurant on the West Promenade in Sheringham.

In the off-season, the firm takes up residency in the kitchen at the Ffolkes in Hillington.

But Mr Webb is keen to find a more permanent location for the colder months.

"We're currently trying to find somewhere we can be permanently through the winter," he said. 

"We'd like to stay in Sheringham all year round but the beachfront spot just isn't feasible."

The new menu features four more burgers including one with halloumi, fish tacos, three desserts including a margarita cheesecake, and sides.

Customers can continue to enjoy chicken, pulled pork or jackfruit in a burrito or a salad bowl.

Mr Webb added: "We're pretty flat out through the summer so during the winter we can take advantage of having a bit more time.

"Until now we've been using the same menu all year so it's nice to add more"

Guac & Mole is at the Ffolkes every Monday and Thursday until April, from 5pm to 9pm.