Bird flu has been found at two poultry farms near Fakenham and Reepham - bringing Norfolk's total to 50 confirmed cases in the last six weeks.

The county is at the epicentre of the nation's worst-ever outbreak of avian influenza, prompting all free-range and backyard flocks to be ordered indoors to stop the virus spreading.

The two new cases confirmed by Defra on November 6 will mean all poultry on the infected premises will be humanely culled, adding to a toll of hundreds of thousands of chickens, turkeys, geese and ducks slaughtered in recent weeks.

And it shows the virus is spreading beyond the significant disease hotspots in Breckland - including the eleventh case near Dereham, confirmed on November 5, and the fifteenth case near Attleborough on November 3.

Last week, the worsening epidemic sparked calls from industry leaders and MPs for more government action to improve the compensation process and make earlier payments to virus-hit farmers.