Scammers claiming to be Microsoft's customer support team have taken £1,480 from a Norfolk victim.

It came after the victim called a non-geographical landline he saw on Google saying they were 'Microsoft Support' as there were problems with a laptop that he couldn’t resolve.

The company answered the phone as 'Microsoft Care' and asked him to share the screen by following several steps.

Then the call handler said they would need £500 to fix the problem but would return it, which the victim did.

Afterwards the company took another £180 and then about £300.

In total scammers stole £1,480 before the victim's bank was able to claw back the amounts and put a block on the account.

Norfolk Trading Standards said the scam companies dupe vulnerable victims by claiming they work for well-known computer software, telecoms, or broadband suppliers.

The caller advises they have identified a problem with the user’s computer or broadband equipment, often making claims about ‘viruses’, ‘criminals controlling your machine’ and ‘hackers accessing your router’.

Not only do scammers steal cash but they also use the remote access to plant malicious software on to computers or to access personal information held on the computer, including account log-in information and bank details.

They are known to call back repeatedly if a target puts the phone down and also return to victims telling them the problem has returned.

Those who are concerned about their computer are advised to find business on the Norfolk Trusted Trader directory.

The scam can be reported via the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 0808 223 1133.