Scammers have been posing as representatives from banks in order to steal personal information.

Norfolk Trading Standards is warning people in the county after receiving reports of the calls which claim to be from "bank security" making claims that your account "has been blocked" or "is compromised".

Recent reports have included both live and automated calls which attempt to gather personal and financial details.

Trading Standards advises people to be "very wary" of claims made during telephone cold calls.

The regulator says those who come in to contact with the scam should not interact with the call and hang up.

Those who are concerned about the security of their bank account or credit card should contact their bank or service provider directly using the customer service number printed on the card, on a recent statement or via information available on their website or app.

Trading Standards said people should never use details provided in a cold call.

The scam can be reported via the Citizens Advice consumer helpline, on 0808 223 1133.