An East Anglian MP has called for a review into whether Liz Truss can continue as prime minister.

Waveney MP Peter Aldous said that the prime minister's role may need to be considered as soon as the end of October, once the government has "addressed the economic challenges as best as you can".

Despite this, Mr Aldous said he has not submitted a letter of no confidence in the prime minister.

Speaking after chancellor Jeremy Hunt dramatically scaled back support for household energy bills and ditched tax cuts promised by his predecessor, Mr Aldous said: "The growth statement on September 23 was made at haste and shouldn't really have been made.

"The new chancellor has come in, he has looked at the books and decided prompt action is needed to allay market concerns.

"I believe in a very difficult situation where there isn't a clear-cut win, he has played a very poor hand well.

"I anticipate that he will come out with much more detail – backed by the Office for Responsibility – in two weeks' time."

Asked what the U-turn meant for Liz Truss continuing as prime minister, Mr Aldous said: "There are two issues – the economic and the political.

"They are intertwined, but I think the immediate thing that needs to be done is to address the economic challenges as best you can. That will be done, I hope, within the next two weeks.

"If these measures have the desired effect, I think we then need to review that particular situation."

Mr Aldous said that the six months of energy bills help would allow the government to "take stock" and provide targeted support for those who needed it.

He added he believed benefit payments needed to continue to rise in line with inflation.