It opened earlier this year to great fanfare and was heralded as the future of motoring. Six months on how is business at the region's first and only electric service station? DERIN CLARK reports

Overlooking one of Norfolk's busiest junctions, the Gridserve electric garage at the Postwick interchange has already become a familiar landmark.

When it opened in April it was only the second of its kind in the country and has been the focus of nationwide attention.

With the sale of new petrol and diesel cars to be banned by 2030 and a huge expansion of electric cars on the way, the site is being closely scrutinised to see how the motoring revolution will unfold.

Six months after it switched on its chargers how is life going at the site?

We visited to speak to four motorists for their experiences of the forecourt.

"The prices have shot up recently"

Eastern Daily Press: Scott Weston, contract managerScott Weston, contract manager (Image: Denise Bradley/Archant 2022)

Scott Weston, a contracts manager for a civil engineering company, regularly visits the forecourt to charge up his Ford Mach-E.

"Although we have a charging point at work, I come here quite often to give the car quick charge.

"It's a great hub although the prices to charge vehicles have shot up recently.

"Originally it was 46p KWH now it's gone up to 64p, so it's a big increase.

"It won't stop me from coming here though.

"I've been using the forecourt since I got the car back in July and come a couple of times a week.

"I always have a coffee while here - it takes about half an hour to charge so I might as well have a coffee while I wait.

"If there were more around I would definitely use them as well."

"The staff are great"

Eastern Daily Press: Ollie Moy, letting agency ownerOllie Moy, letting agency owner (Image: Denise Bradley/Archant 2022)

Ollie Moy, owns a letting agency and drives a Vauxhall Corsa, uses the forecourt as a place to work.

"I've got an office in Norwich city centre and I spend about half my time in the office and the rest of the time working remotely.

"I only live around the corner so I prefer to work here than at home.

"It's nice to spend time out of the office and still be productive - that's why I like it here.

"The facilities are really good for working - the WiFi is good, there is plenty of refreshments and its a lovely view of the countryside to look out to.

"The staff are great, they make everyone feel really welcome.

"I use the Costa Coffee and having the M&S here as well is quite handy.

"If you're in the office in the city it takes half an hour out of your day to go and get something, so it's an efficient way to get some refreshments while working."

"It's nice, new and clean"

Eastern Daily Press: Louise Dryden, sales managerLouise Dryden, sales manager (Image: Denise Bradley/Archant 2022)

Louise Dryden, a sales manager stopped off to charge her Tesla while driving back to Newcastle. on her way back to Newcastle after visiting Great Yarmouth.

"This is my first time here as I'm not from Norfolk.

"I'm travelling back to Newcastle with my mother after visiting Great Yarmouth.

"Normally I would charge up my car at a usual service station so this is different.

"It's nice, new and clean - that was what we first spotted when coming in here.

"The facilities are nice but of there were more food options in this section we would have probably eaten here as well.

"So it probably needs more places in here while you're waiting for your car to charge.

"It was easy to get to - some of the charging points when you go to service stations can be quite hidden round the back, but these are easy to find."

"It's a nice, handy place"

Eastern Daily Press: Marcus Smith, electricianMarcus Smith, electrician (Image: Denise Bradley/Archant 2022)

Marcus Smith, an electrician stopped off for the first time to get a coffee with a friend.

"I drive a diesel van so we just came in for a coffee, as we heard it was nice and thought we would give it a go.

"It's nice - it's got a Costa and a M&S which is good.

"It's a nice, handy place - not too busy so we'll be back."