A flight due to land in Norwich this afternoon will instead touch down in London tomorrow morning.

The TUI TOM583 flight from Dalaman was originally due to land at Norwich Airport at 3.40pm today.

Passengers were then told it would set off at 5.40pm tonight headed to Gatwick Airport.

But now, customers have now been told it will take off at 10.15pm local time this evening meaning holidaymakers have been stranded in Turkey for an additional 24 hours.

The total delays for some passengers leaving from Norwich and returning home to the Fine City has now totalled more than 24 hours.

It comes amid continued disruption on TUI flights, including planes making stop-offs in Cardiff, Aberdeen and Doncaster.

TUI said in an email to passengers on the Dalaman flight that it had been delayed and diverted due to a "combination of factors" causing "significant operational disruption" to the flying programme.

The correspondence added the returning passengers would be transferred from London to Norwich by road.

The email to customers added: "We apologise for the inconvenience caused by the change of UK arrival airport and thank you for your kind understanding."

Among the passengers on the most recently delayed flight was Janine Bell and her schoolfriend Geraldine Moss, who had already seen their flight out cancelled on the runway on Saturday, September 2.

The TOM712 plane to Dalaman had been due to take off at 2pm but instead left Norwich Airport on Sunday afternoon.

The pair's 10 day holiday was their first abroad in four years but Ms Moss described it as a "shambles".

The King's Lynn woman said: "I have been worried for the last few months about the fate of our flight.

"I wasn't surprised when it was cancelled but the thought of being stuck abroad with such poor communication is quite worrying."

Ms Bell added: "Once again TUI muck up our journey - home this time."

A TUI spokeswoman said: "We can confirm flight TOM583 will now operate into Gatwick Airport due to crew sickness.

"Customers have been updated with information and transport has been arranged to take them back to Norwich Airport."