Hundreds of schoolchildren from Norfolk and Suffolk donned dancing shoes when they took part in a talent show ahead of the summer holidays.

A big screen was set up on the fields of Ormiston Venture Academy, in Oriel Avenue, Gorleston, on Wednesday and student acts performed on a lorry-back stage.

The culmination of the Venture's Got Talent showcase was a bid to break a world record. Ambitious organisers aimed to get a big enough crowd to smash the current record for most people playing a computer dance game. They needed to get 2,300 audience members to join them in the three-minute dance to a screening of the Just Dance computer game to break the record.

Sadly, they didn't get the numbers they needed - but a good time was had by all.

Steve Sorrento, assistant prinipal, said: 'We had about 1,000 people taking part, so half the number we needed but we had a really good day. There was a mini festival feel.'

As well as a the world record attempt, there was an open-air concert, and a collection held for the Ormiston Children and Families Trust, which operates in the East of England.

The winner of the talent show was Year 9 student Michael Meyers, 14, who sang Let Her Go by Passenger.