A new era has dawned for a Kirkley school this week after it re-opened as an academy.

Fen Park Primary School was re-named as Red Oak Primary School yesterday as it has gained academy status under the Active Learning Trust.

Last night, the school celebrated its new beginning with an official naming ceremony.

The announcement of the school's new name was due to be officially confirmed last night by the school's previous chairman of governors Sue Witthames.

Headteacher Heather Madsen, looking forward to a new era at the school, said: 'The new name reflects the fact that Red Oak is now a different school and place.

'Our new motto, as chosen by the children, is 'where living is learning' and this demonstrates our vision of learning as not just something that happens within school hours.

'We view ourselves as a caring, nurturing school, where children can thrive and achieve what they are capable of achieving, regardless of their backgrounds.

'The name change has required a new uniform, which the Active Learning Trust has kindly provided for the children, and we have been working on implementing new initiatives such as an outdoor play and learning area, sharing and training sessions for parents and the opening of a new library, all of which have contributed to the feeling of a new era for the school.'

The opening ceremony was due to start with singing from the school children and the event was due to be attended by Clive Bush, chief executive officer of the Active Learning Trust.

Before the event he said: 'The name change and subsequent new direction of Red Oak Primary School is a cause of celebration, and the opening ceremony will be a fantastic evening.

'This school has been, and continues to be, an important part of the Lowestoft community.'

Red Oak Primary School joins Grove Primary School as a Lowestoft academy under the Active Learning Trust, meaning both schools have opted out from Suffolk County Council control.