A curious cat went on a 315-mile adventure after clambering into the back of a Norfolk removals lorry while workers were loading it up.

Eastern Daily Press: Mittens the kitten, pictured with her owner Laura Bull, 24.Mittens the kitten, pictured with her owner Laura Bull, 24. (Image: Archant)

Mittens, a six-month-old kitten, got onto the lorry unnoticed in the Wallingford area of Oxfordshire and was taken around 30 miles to the town of Carterton.

Workers described seeing a cat playing in the street while they put furniture into the lorry before heading back to the Euro Group depot in East Harling, in Norfolk – a 137-mile journey.

They got back late on Monday evening and when they went to unload the lorry the following morning, Mittens was peering out ready for breakfast.

Unsure where the cat was from, and eager to reunite her with her owners, workers took her to Feline Care Cat Rescue, also in East Harling.


Centre manager Molly Farrar said staff found Mittens's chip did not link up to any information on the national database, but a Facebook appeal saved the day and she is now reunited with her family, who drove her the 148-mile direct route home – bringing her total journey to 315 miles.

'There was a lot of ringing round and worrying,' said Ms Farrar. 'We were desperate to find her owners. Mittens is the most excitable, confident little cat.

'She took it all in her stride, thought it was all fun and games, and didn't know what the fuss was about.'

She believes Mittens got onto the lorry in the Wallingford area, hopped off at Carterton to play, then jumped back on, thinking she would be driven home.

'It's not unusual for cats to get into vehicles if they're as inquisitive as Mittens,' said Ms Farrar. 'We encourage anyone who's seen a cat playing around, then vanished, to check their vehicle – though with a big lorry it's not easy.'

Mittens's relieved owners came to pick her up on Wednesday, after they were alerted to the Facebook appeal.

'It was lovely seeing them reunited,' said Ms Farrar. 'Mittens immediately knew it was her people, there were cuddles, she went into her carry box and refused to come out.

'They were ever so grateful and have kindly made a donation.'

Owner Laura Bull, 24, who drove from Oxfordshire to collect her cat with her husband and baby, explained that she had let Mittens out of the house at 1pm on Monday and usually she would return and sit on the windowsill.

They launched their own search and were beginning to fear the worst before they received the good news.

'We will definitely keep more of an eye on her in future,' she said. 'I can't thank them enough. The lorry people could have let her out into the road and left her to survive, but they took her to the centre instead.'

Mittens's chip is now registered on the national database in case she goes on any more adventures.

For more on Feline Care Cat Rescue, visit www.felinecare.org.uk or www.facebook.com/felinecarecatrescue