A mother of two was found hanged in her own home less than three weeks after she took an overdose, an inquest has heard.

Kelly Brickley, 31, was discovered by her son in the bedroom of her Heartsease home on June 25 this year.

An inquest held in Norwich yesterday heard Miss Brickley, who had a history of anxiety and stress, took an overdose at her Aviary Way home on June 11 after drinking a significant amount of alcohol.

She was taken to the Norfolk and Norwich hospital and was assessed by a mental health liaison nurse before being discharged.

Miss Brickley said she was 'remorseful' for her actions and 'regretted' it.

She was advised to see a therapist from the well being service by the mental health nurse who said she showed no suicidal ideation and appeared to recognise the triggers and presented as honest and genuine.

The inquest heard that as a result of a review held following Miss Brickley's death the Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust is looking at ensuring patients are given appointments before they leave hospital rather than being expected to refer themselves.

Giving evidence at the inquest Miss Brickley's partner, Louis Slatter, described her as 'bubbly, outgoing and 'a good mum'.

He said that after taking the overdose she reassured him it would not happen again and said she could not do it 'because of the kids'.

Mr Slatter said that following the overdose she had spoken to a social worker, who visited, and got 'a lot of stuff off her chest' and felt 'a new breath of life'.

He said he had seen her the night before she died before going back to his mum's and said there was 'nothing unusual at all'.

But he was called early the following morning by her son who said she had hanged herself.

Mr Slatter, who has a daughter with Miss Brickley, went round and discovered her in her room.

The inquest also heard from Miss Brinkley's mum Denise who admitted they had an 'unusual relationship' and had their 'ups and downs'.

She said she had been out with her on June 20 and said there was 'no problem'. She said her daughter was a 'very tough girl' and tended to 'cover' things up.

Assistant Norfolk Coroner Johanna Thompson said it was a 'positive step forward' that the mental health trust had put measures in place to try to ensure that patients were given appointments at hospital rather than have to make their own referrals.

But she said it seemed 'no-one had an inkling she might be contemplating suicide'.

She was satisfied Miss Brinkley intended to take her own life and reached a conclusion of suicide.

The Samaritans' new free helpline number is 116 123.