We've all heard about cats having nine lives but have you heard the one about the cat with three ears?

Staff at a Norfolk rescue centre were equally perplexed when one intrepid feline arrived sporting an extra ear.

As Feline Care Cat Rescue in East Harling continue to care for the moggie, it is hoped its owner will now step forward. Brian, as he has been affectionately called, arrived at the centre on Monday after being caught in one of the centre's traps after setting off security alarms at a nearby business.

Manager of the centre, Molly Farrar, said: 'We expected it to be one of our own cats who'd been causing problems so this handsome, mature gentleman was quite a surprise to us.

'We've cared for plenty of cats with one eye, three legs or six toes and several cats with no tail left, but this is our first three-eared cat.

The centre is hoping that Brian has not been dumped but has simply got lost.

Miss Farrar, 38, said: 'He's obviously very distinctive with his extra little ear so someone must be missing him or recognise him.

'He's in a bit of a tatty and skinny state. He's been in the wars a bit and has a fractured canine tooth and ear mites so he obviously needs looking after.

'We see all sorts of cats here but Brian is by far the most unusual, he is something special.'

On Monday night, Brian was given the once over by vet Marcus Wilson from Knotts Yard Veterinary Practice in Watton who put the unique feature down to a birth defect.

Miss Farrar, who has been at the centre for nine years, said: 'It's the first three-eared cat Marcus has seen in all his years of practice.'

Brian, who was named after the man who found him, is believed to be between four and ten years old.

If his owners are not found he will be put up for adoption.

The centre is currently running with more cats on the books than usual with 170 moggies on site and more than 100 on the waiting list.

Anyone with information about Brian is asked to call the centre on 01953 718529.

To find out more about Feline Care Cat Rescue visit www.felinecare.org.uk

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