When two outstandingly talented, versatile and personable singer-songwriters join forces, the result is spectacular.

In Englishman Teddy Thompson, with his folk, country, rock-grounded voice and American Kelly Jones with her unique vocals of many shades, we have a formidable pairing.

In that same top league occupied by the Alison Krauss and Robert Plant partnership, this pair presented mainly their own songs in perfect, all-encompassing harmonies affording us an intimate sharing of relationships, heartbreaks and life.

Sometimes dueting together, occasionally solo and sometimes backed by a four-piece band of rich musical giftings, Thompson and Jones' mix of country, folk, rock, alt-country and pleasant personal musings between songs made a rivetting night out.

Support came from Sunny Ozell who added yet more musical strands to the kaleidoscope of genres. After one 12-bar blues sequence she summed it up with, 'such a tight structure, but such profundity.'

All that foot-tapping, smiling, reflective and beautiful harmony and variety was an inspiration and epitomised what this festival is all about.

David Porter