You don’t need to look or go very far to experience the increase in prices for goods and services generally, or to feel the squeeze on your finances as you navigate your way through the increases in fuel and the weekly shop.

When it comes to wanting to maintain your lifestyle, or needing to kit the children out for the new school term, not to mention starting to plan for the festive season - don’t shoot me, but we ARE in September now, so it’s going to be all around us soon! - it can feel as though we are fighting an uphill battle and the compromises we have to make are just no fun.

One of the ways in which we can make a difference, without a huge comprise, is to utilise the second hand market, both as a buyer and as a seller.

Second hand doesn’t mean it has to be second best.

There’s a whole world of barely worn clothes, from school uniforms to tuxedos and cocktail dresses, some that won’t even have made it off the hanger, because the event they were purchased for didn’t happen, the lockdown weight never shifted, or the children have had a growth spurt and skipped the “they’ll grow into them” phase!

It doesn’t have to be a rummage at a jumble or car boot sale - although if that’s what you enjoy, then go and embrace it and uncover some fabulous bargains, perhaps helping a local cause at the same time.

For local schoolwear, a request on your local community social media page is likely to get a number of responses as neighbours realise they’ve got barely worn uniform from last term they can part with, or there’s a few dedicated apps now that allow you to search from the comfort of your own phone.

Second hand feels only as second best as you want it to feel. Frame it differently. Celebs think nothing of wearing “vintage”, pre-loved makes something feel special before it is passed over to the next owner to continue loving it, and if you want to make your money go further then it’s absolutely the way to go, without having to compromise.

Buying and selling online with apps and sites that have been developed for both buyers and sellers offer an easy way to both make money from things that you no longer need, or have any desire to wear, and to maintain your style without breaking the bank.

Eastern Daily Press: Norfolk-based money coach Kim Uzzell of money coach Kim Uzzell of (Image: @Valentinestudio)

It’s good for the environment too as less goes to landfill.

So whether you’re in the market for PE kit or a breadmaker, a ballgown or a winter coat, there’s an opportunity out there for you to save money, make money and create space, as well as doing some good. Definitely NOT second best!

For more from Norfolk-based financial expert Kim Uzzell head to or follow her on Instagram @kimuzzellmoneycoach.

Eastern Daily Press: The EDP has launched the Your Money Matters campaignThe EDP has launched the Your Money Matters campaign (Image: Archant)


If you are looking for financial help and advice, here are some of the resources you can turn to locally.

Norfolk Citizens Advice

Offers free, confidential and impartial advice on debt, benefits and money issues.
0800 1448 848

Money Support Service
Norfolk County Council service for those needing help with budgeting.
01603 223392 (option 4)

Community Action Norfolk
Charity offering help including warm homes and collective oil buying scheme.
01362 698216

Norfolk Community Foundation
Charity that runs schemes including nourishing Norfolk and community shops.
01603 623958

Norfolk Assistance Scheme (NAS)
Helps people who are in financial hardship and cannot pay their living costs.
0344 8008020

The Trussell Trust
Free 'Help through Hardship' helpline and food bank search tool.
0808 208 2138