Following his untimely death in an aeroplane accident Peter Avison Scott was honoured with a tribute in stone at the Norfolk village which was his family home.

And now relatives have gathered for the poignant blessing of a new memorial at Blakeney Harbour almost 80 years after the crash that claimed his life at the age of 23. Over the years the soft sandstone of the original memorial was eroded by the salt air and became illegible, prompting the family to commission a replacement.

The tablet and clock were originally placed on Blakeney Church Rooms by Mr Scott's friends and relatives after his death in 1937.

The Rev Libby Dady, rector of the Glaven Valley Benefice, led the blessing of the memorial and clock which has recently been restored.

The family's connections with Blakeney can be traced back almost 200 years through marriage to the Rev Joseph Cotterill.

Judith Rowbotham was amongst family members travelling from far and wide to attend the ceremony on what would have been Peter's 103rd birthday. She said: 'Peter was a medical student who wanted to learn to fly and persuaded a RAF pilot to give him some flying lessons. The plane broke up and burst into flames when they attempted to loop the loop – there was no trace left. He was by all accounts a charismatic man who lived life to the full.'

The project to replace the memorial was organised by Robin Scott, the great nephew of Peter's parents. It was created by stonecarver Teucer Wilson.

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