A comedian and actor from Dereham is set for a West End debut when he takes to the stage at Leicester Square Theatre next month.

Wayne Kincaide will be performing in the London premiere of Johnny Tait's latest play Naked Truth on Saturday, March 4.

He is playing the role of a character who describes himself as 'the Magician'.

But his character does not perform magic in the conventional way - he makes the problems of a corrupt government go away, by staging the world's most successful TV reality show.

In it the participants are forced to reveal their deepest darkest secrets as they open their cupboard to release the skeleton that they would rather nobody was told about, before being disposed of.

Naked Truth, which contains adult content and is not suitable for children, is a satirical look at the future of reality programmes, which culminates in more twists and turns. The show starts at 3pm.