A post-mortem could not explain why a 28-year-old woman died at her home, an inquest heard.

The body of Elizabeth Cambridge was found on a bed after police broke into her rented bungalow in Bardolph Place, Stowbridge, near Downham Market.

Officers were called after carers and Miss Cambridge's mother Denise Bhusal became concerned for her welfare on the evening of September 9, 2016, the court in King's Lynn was told.

Miss Cambridge, who suffered from mobility problems, had locked herself in the house. But area coroner Yvonne Black said that there was no suicide note.

Ms Blake added Miss Cambridge had suffered 'disability-related abuse' from a neighbour before her death.

She said police had held a meeting with the housing association which owned her property, to discuss taking out an injunction against the neighbour.

Miss Blake suffered from depression and anxiety. A statement given by Catherine Ashby, from the Norfolk and Waveney Wellbeing Service, said Miss Cambridge had attended sessions including an anxiety workshop.

'She still said she was feeling distressed through feeling unsafe in her home because of wanting to get away from certain people,' it went on.

Miss Cambridge had been referred to the crisis team at the Fermoy Unit, at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn. She had attempted an overdose of medication days before her death.

Miss Cambridge was taking strong painkillers and also suffered from migraines and asthma, the inquest heard. Ms Blake said Miss Cambridge told her doctor on September 5 that she was feeling low because of bullying by her neighbour.

Summing up, she said the post-morten report did not indicate a cause of death and the evidence did not meet the standard of proof needed for her to record a conclusion of suicide.

'I'm not convinced that there's enough evidence that she took her own life and the pathologist can't help me,' she said. 'We do know she was very upset in the last few days before she died but she sought help for that.'

She added there was evidence of problems with neighbours. Delivering a narrative conclusion, Ms Blake said: 'Miss Cambridge was found deceased at her home address. The medical cause could not be ascertained.'