Councillors have agreed to provide an island community space to moor their vessels along the River Yare.

Eastern Daily Press: A map of Thorpe Island, located off Yarmouth Road in Thorpe St Andrew.A map of Thorpe Island, located off Yarmouth Road in Thorpe St Andrew. (Image: Archant)

People living on Thorpe Island, near Norwich, had feared they would be fined £100 every time they visited mainland.

It followed Thorpe St Andrew Town Council's decision to introduce new mooring regulations along River Green, off Yarmouth Road, in March.

But until last night, there had been no arrangements made for islanders to regularly use the moorings without incurring a charge.

Following an outcry from residents, councillors have now agreed to provide a small space for them to use their dinghies.

Eastern Daily Press: Roger Wood, who owns part of Thorpe Island. Picture: SIMON FINLAY.Roger Wood, who owns part of Thorpe Island. Picture: SIMON FINLAY.

A report, which went before members on Monday, said the island's landowner has requested for an extension of the commercial mooring area.

He offered the council £500 per year for the space, which would be used by both his service vessel and by the islanders' boats.

The report said: 'For the sum of £500, it is proposed to provide a space the length of the service vessel to moor.

'When the boat is not at the moorings, the small boats will use this space. When the service vessel is moored, the small boats will be able to moor to this.'

In March this year, the town council agreed to introduce 24-hour mooring regulations along River Green.

Under the current rules, boat owners who stay in the area beyond 24 hours or return within 48 hours risk being issued with a charge.

However last month, people living on the eastern side of the island said it could leave them facing £100 fines when visiting the mainland.

They claimed that they had not been consulted on the changes made by the council.

But Thomas Foreman, town clerk, said he had made multiple attempts to contact landowner Roger Wood about the issue.

Mr Foreman told councillors on Monday that the landowner had since been in touch with his request for a commercial mooring extension.

Speaking at the meeting, town mayor Ian Mackie said there would need to be further consideration around the number of boats using the commercial mooring.

But 'in principal' he supported to the idea, 'subject to conditions'.

Councillors voted in favour.