There's nothing quite like tucking into a warm, crumbly pasty after a long day - so imagine the shock of this vegetarian when he took a bite into a cheese and onion slice and found chicken inside.

James Hesketh, 18, from Brundall, was passing through Norwich train station on Monday evening at 6.30pm when he popped into the East of England Co-op hoping for a satisfying snack.

But the teen, who works as an apprentice zoo keeper at Banham Zoo, was left cheesed off when his freshly baked cheese and onion slice contained chicken.

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Mr Hesketh said: 'I can't believe this has happened.'

The mistake occurred in-store, where products are baked and packaged then sold on the deli counter.

%image(14778991, type="article-full", alt="James Hesketh,18, from Brundall was "disgusted" to find chicken in his cheese and onion pasty bought from the Co-op at Norwich station. Picture: Jessica Hesketh")

His sister Jessica Hesketh said: 'My dad rang the Co-op helpline and they are sending him a £10 voucher.'

A spokesperson for the East of England Co-op said: 'We were made aware that a hot product purchased at one of our Norwich stores was packaged incorrectly and have spoken with the customer to pass on our apologies.

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'Incidents like this are very rare and we are now in the process of investigating how this has occurred.'

The Co-op own brand product costs £1.35, or two for £2.

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