First there was Chalky the all-white blackbird - and now another rare bird has been spotted in Norfolk - Alby the albino sparrow.

Cy Campbell took a photograph of Alby in his garden in Whissonsett, near Fakenham.

He said: “I was certain it was a leucistic bird at first, but with the red eyes and light beak colour I’m sure it is a true albino.

“An albino sparrow is quite a rare thing as most white sparrows are leucistic, which is a genetic mutation which cuts out colour pigmentation. This one has red eyes making it an albino, I believe.”

Rupert Masefield, from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, said its red eyes probably meant it was a true albino.

He said: “They are quite unusual everywhere, not just in Norfolk, because they have this rare genetic trait.”

It comes just weeks after Chalky, an all-white blackbird, caused a flap in a garden in Itteringham, near Aylsham.