Inquests have opened into the deaths of two unemployed people.

Damien Prince, 30, from Earlham West Centre in Norwich, died on October 31.

His body was found outside St Crispin's House, between Duke Street and St George's Street.

A police seal was put in place following the discovery of the body to allow for initial enquiries to be carried out.

During the opening, on Thorpe Road, Norwich, on January 22, senior coroner Jacqueline Lake said the cause of death was morphine toxicity due to use of heroin.

The inquest will be held on May 3.

In a separate opening, it was recorded that a 52-year-old woman died on November 11 in her Norwich home.

Margot Pearson had lived in Northfields.

Her cause of death was heroin, methadone and citalopram excess.

Her inquest is due to take place on May 10.