A couple from Little Plumstead have transformed a 1970s caravan into a quirky new business venture.

Stuart Crabb, 31, has been running a mobile bar business for three years, catering for weddings and parties across Norfolk.

He started it as a side project while also working for Broadland Council driving road sweepers.

Mr Crabb said: 'I always knew I wanted to work for myself and not have to drive road sweepers forever, so I started the bar hire and have built that up from nothing to the point where I could leave my job.

'I left the council in October 2017 and have spent the last few months converting our vintage caravan into a prosecco bar.

'I wanted to create something with a bit more of a wow factor that would be ideal for weddings, we looked online and found a 1976 Sprite Ariel which had been rotting away in a field for some years.'

He added: 'As we bought it quite quickly, we hadn't taken into account how much work would go into converting it and I had absolutely no experience with anything like this, so I have had to teach myself what to do with every step of the process.'

The bubbly business venture, called Crabb & Fox Bar, is now finished and ready to be hired for events in Norfolk and the surrounding areas. It comes with a 'pimp your prosecco' table for each booking, which includes fresh berries and cordials.

For more information visit crabbandfoxbar.co.uk