Wannabe chefs - let's be havin' you!

The BBC have announced they will be opening their archives and adding 50 vintage cookery shows to their online iPlayer this Easter - including Delia Smith's Cookery Course.

Aired in the 1970s, the show covered a range of cookery essentials over ten episodes, with everything from the secrets of casserole cooking to making the perfect pasta on the menu.

It was the programme that saw the 76-year-old chef and Norwich City Football Club shareholder rise to fame.

Other series being brought back include Fanny Cradock Invites You To... A Cheese and Wine Party and Ken Hom's Chinese Cookery.

The tv shows are being resurfaced in order to chart the 'evolution of the nation's tastes' and show how cookery shows have changed.

Delia Smith's Cookery Course will be available on BBC iPlayer form March 31.