A Norwich vehicle rental company have said they were 'amazed' to find a piece of artwork left in the dirt of a rental van.

Advance Vehicle Rental, based at White Lodge Business Park, shared a snap of one of their rental vans, which has Ruddy Muddy's handiwork all over it.

Wymondham artist, Ruddy Muddy, real name Ricky Minns, paid tribute to the upcoming F1 Grand Prix race taking place in Melbourne on Sunday.

Drawing in the dirt on the van, he created an image of a Formula 1 car and an image of British racer Lewis Hamilton.

Steve Ball, from Advance Vehicle Rental, said: 'We are amazed by such a beautiful piece of art left in the dirt of a van returned to us today by good customer Ruddy Muddy.'

The company tweeted the photo and wished good luck to Lewis Hamilton.