Plans to accept trade waste and open a re-use shop at a recycling centre look set to win the support of councillors.

Heacham Recycling Centre currently accepts household waste only. But Norfolk Council Council, which operates the facility, wants to dispose of up to 5,000 tonnes of trade waste a year and open an on-site shop to sell small-scale items.

West Norfolk councillors have been recommended to approve the plans when they meet on Monday. A final decision will be made by the county council.

Colin Manning, West Norfolk councillor for Heacham, said: 'Some of the items taken in for disposal are in good condition and it makes good sense to offer them for re-sale rather than going to landfill. Some centres already have a shop so I have no real issue in Heacham having one.

'The incoming trade waste might save local businesses having to travel and this saves carbon emissions. Obviously the site already gets busy now at certain times so I hope some parking or traffic management is considered to make the centre a safe and pleasant environment for its staff and users. I hope NCC considers any views expressed by local residents and borough and parish councillors on this matter.'

Two portable steel containers will be used for the shop that will sell a number of waste items suitable for reuse, and small-scale non-recycled items such as Christmas trees, logs, compost bins and green waste sacks.

In support of the reuse shop on the site, the county council said: 'The reuse shop would not increase material throughout the site but would increase the amount of waste diverted from disposal or recycling. The shop will help prioritise reuse over recycling and disposal in line with the waste hierarchy.'

While opening hours to the public will not change, operating hours at the site will also be increased, meaning lorries will be able to deliver and collect skips when it is closed to customers. This means the site will be closed on fewer occasions for lorry visits.