He dropped out of school when he was 15 with no qualifications, but now he is in charge of a business valued at around £40m.

Fashion mogul Adam Frisby was born in Great Yarmouth - and next week the founder and chief executive of In The Style will appear on television for a new BBC series that looks into the world of fast fashion.

Mr Frisby started In The Style from his bedroom in 2013. Just six years later, the Manchester-based brand's celebrity style has won an army of fans as it is one of Britain's fastest-growing online fashion brands.

Growing up in Great Yarmouth, he attended Cliff Park High School, before a family move to Spain during his teenage years left him struggling to find his way.

But just six years later he has self-built the £40m turnover company in what has been a meteoric rise.

He cottoned on to the trend of supplying wardrobes to fashion lovers who want to look like the influencers and TV stars they follow.

The new six-part documentary, entitled Breaking Fashion, will go behind the scenes at its Salford offices, and will show how collaborations with the likes of Dani Dyer and Emily Atack progress.

Ahead of the documentary, Mr Frisby appeared on BBC Breakfast for his "first-ever" live television interview, and afterwards on social media he said: "Just six years ago I could never of dreamed that I would one day be introduced on live TV as a businessman with a £40m business."

In August 2013 Mr Frisby created a website and founded In The Style, buying six dresses from a wholesaler and selling them at three times the price through social media.

He then turned to celebrity and social media influencers to help raise his profile, with the first collection launched in March 2014.

Having never looked back, Mr Frisby, 32, told the BBC: "I had a bit of an idea at the time where it was linking up social media, celebrity and fashion - no one was really doing it.

"I had an idea and I thought you know what this could really work with some hard work, and that is what I would probably put it down to - its really hard work.

"I pride myself on being a normal lad and just working really hard - I think that is what has done it."

The BBC Three series follows Mr Frisby's fast fashion empire. The first episode will air on BBC One at 10.35pm on Wednesday, September 18.