A four-year plan has been announced that will see 110,000 trees planted in a part of Norfolk.

North Norfolk District Council (NNDC), in support of National Tree Week, will be planting one tree for every person in the district.

NNDC launched the scheme at its annual Greenbuild environmental sustainability event in September after the council declared a climate emergency earlier this year.

Nick Sandford, regional external affairs officer at the Woodland Trust, said: "The Woodland Trust is delighted to work with NNDC as it responds to the climate and nature emergency we all face.

"It's hugely important local authorities lead the way, and North Norfolk's trailblazing target of planting a tree for every local resident over the next four years is something councils across England should look to follow."

Some 10,000 trees will be planted in Holt Country Park and woodland areas and almost 1,000 saplings were given away at Greenbuild for residents to plant.