A nine-year-old girl has been cleaning a different Norfolk beach each day since lockdown restrictions were lifted.

Ayda Tarry’s mother Leahanna, from Norwich, said: “She has become so irritated by the mess left behind on the local beaches that she’s been travelling every night to clear up the rubbish.

“She’s been to a different beach each night and cleared up bags of rubbish, plastic and beer cans and taken them home for recycling.

“She recently paid £10 out of her pocket money to buy a litter picker to clear it up safely, as she just uses marigold gloves.

“She insists that we take our daily exercise at a different beach every day, so she can do her handiwork.”

The young girl has shared her message on social media and said: “If I’m nine, and I can pick up other people’s rubbish from the beach, you, as adults, can take your own rubbish home.”