Two multiple award-winning filmmakers from Norfolk are making waves in the indie film industry after preparing to have their creations watched by viewers across the globe.

Eastern Daily Press: Matt Long: Picture: A P WildingMatt Long: Picture: A P Wilding (Image: Copyright © A P Wilding)

It comes after actor, writer and producer Matt Long and writer and director Danny Cotton landed an international distribution deal for two of their feature films - both shot on location in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Mr Long, of Bulldog Films, and Mr Cotton, of Fabrication Images, had already brought the films Soldiers of Embers and No More Lights in the Sky to screens in the UK.

Now, they have been made available to viewers in the USA and Canada.

Eastern Daily Press: Danny Cotton. Picture: DANNY COTTONDanny Cotton. Picture: DANNY COTTON (Image: Picture: DANNY COTTON)

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Mr Long said: “These films have been a long time coming and have certainly taken longer than originally planned to bring to the screen due to various unforeseen obstacles throughout the production process. But that’s what defines a good film maker, someone who has the tenacity to work through issues and not give up.

“Completing these films help bring us credibility, to show we can complete films on a budget and to a high standard.”

Eastern Daily Press: No More Light in the Sky. Picture: Matt LongNo More Light in the Sky. Picture: Matt Long (Image: Picture: Matt Long)

The actor, who was born and bred in Norwich, added that it had “been surreal” seeing the city’s backdrop in the film and having that watched by an America audience

He added: “Following recent articles in a Los Angeles film magazine we have had quite a lot of attention.

“Getting two feature films released internationally and global recognition is amazing for a small indie film-making team that were looked upon as a ‘bunch of film makers in a small Norfolk city’.

“We proved we are not playing at this and have certainly made an impact with bringing the film making spotlight back on to our region.”

Eastern Daily Press: Soldiers of Embers. Picture: Matt LongSoldiers of Embers. Picture: Matt Long (Image: Picture: Matt Long)

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Mr Cotton added: “Making these films has been a very rewarding experience.”

The pair also advised other film makers and actors to be “brave, bold and tenacious” to achieve success.

Mr Long added: “[Do] not be put off by people who will criticise, laugh and try to stop you pursuing your goals.

“It’s an amazing feeling to get your films over the line.”

- Both films can be found via Amazon or and You can follow the pair on Twitter - @mattlong1980 and @dannycdirector - for updates.