Chess players in north Norfolk have resorted to technology to help them cope with social distancing and social isolation.

Normally chess players shake hands before and after facing their opponents ‘over the board’.

But Norfolk County Chess Association (NCCA) has suspended the 2019-20 Norfolk chess season and suggests clubs should stop playing ‘face to face chess’.

However, Aylsham Chess Club has adapted some computer software to allow their players to continue playing each other and other chess players around the world.

MORE: Vintage ‘60s festival in Cromer latest casualty of coronavirus outbreakClub secretary Jonathan Reeve said: “We are particularly concerned about elderly chess players staying healthy. One of our players has kindly created a portal to allow us to continue enjoying chess over the coming weeks. Yesterday, I played someone in Canada which was great - even though I lost.”

Matthew Perry adapted for use by Aylsham Chess Club so members can freely play chess games against opponents around the world.