A bird-owner has asked her neighbours to be eagle-eyed to help find her “escapologist” pet parrot - which managed to find a way out of its aviary home.

Kiwi, a 15-year-old blue-fronted Amazon parrot, escaped from Lorraine Lemmon’s home in Sprowston at some point in the last 24 hours and has been seen flying around the area.

Her owner’s attempts to retrieve her have thus far proven fruitless, with the rogue bird steering clear of attempts to return her to the 30ft aviary on Blithewood Gardens it calls home.

Ms Lemmon, who has had Kiwi since she was just 16 weeks old, said: “I noticed she had escaped this morning, so I’m not sure exactly when she got out. I did spot her in a tree earlier, but when I got the ladder out to try and catch her she just kept going higher.

“She has also been spotted in the grounds of Cecil Gowing School. I just want to get her home.”

While Kiwi has been living at the same home her entire life, along with five other parrots, it is not the first time she has made a great escape.

Ms Lemmon, who works as a carer, added: “She last escaped seven years ago and was gone for about a week before I was eventually able to catch her. She is quite the little escapologist, although she hasn’t tried to get away for quite a while now.

“She’s not used to flying in the open air, even though her aviary is very spacious, so eventually she will get tired and have to come down somewhere. However, it might be a case of waiting until she is low enough for me to be able to retrieve her.

“Hopefully people can just keep an eye out for her until she is low enough.”

Despite the name of her breed, Kiwi is a striking green in colour, with red feathers in her wings and yellow around the top of her head.

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