There is a new black belt in Bungay following a nine-year-old boy’s success.

Jayden Howgate, from Bungay and a pupil at Bungay Primary School, battled not only the snow but also other students to achieve the level of expertise.

After travelling the 160 miles to Coventry, Jayden, who has been training with Mr Gillett since he was five years old, performed in front of Grandmaster Oldham, Master Aucello and other senior grades.

To become the 41st black belt from Bungay, the impressive youngster had to perform his patterns, step, sparring, and terminology as well as presenting a written thesis.

This journey normally takes between 3-5 years and is greatly valued by potential employers as a demonstration of determination, commitment and diligence.

His trainer, Clint Gillett, said: “Jayden has become a role model for younger students in the club and has already started helping to teach other students in the class.”