Norwich South MP Clive Lewis abstained from voting on the Brexit trade deal — in a revolt against instructions from his party.

Mr Lewis criticised the government for failing to give MPs enough time to scrutinise the deal, saying this lack of scrutiny failed to give sovereignty back to MPs and voters as promised by Brexiteers.

He went on to say that Brexit “has shone a light on the deep democratic deficits in our arcane political system”.

“Change was demanded, more control was promised and yet what we are presented with today is ironically more of the same," he said.

“Unaccountability, power concentrated in the hands of a few, an over-centralised Government evading scrutiny to act in favour of vested interests and impose decisions from the top down.

“I will play no part in giving this government a blank cheque to bulldoze through democratic oversight and I will not be voting in support of this legislation.”

Despite Mr Lewis abstaining, the bill cleared its first hurdle as MPs voted for the bill with a majority of 448.

It will now move on to the House of Lords where peers will need to vote the bill into law before midnight tomorrow if it is to take effect on the UKs relationship with the EU.