It is where decisions that shape the future of Norwich are made.

And now, one of the most revered pieces of architecture in the city centre has been shaped itself - albeit in digital form.

A Norwich-based student has spent three days creating the instantly-recognisable City Hall on the building game Minecraft.

Eastern Daily Press: Images of City Hall in Norwich, on the computer game Minecraft.Images of City Hall in Norwich, on the computer game Minecraft. (Image: Submitted)

The student, who did not wish to be named to "let the project speak for itself" is a long-time fan of the game, having started to play it in 2013.

But after seeing few other attempts at recreating sights of Norwich, he decided to pay homage to the Fine City himself.

Eastern Daily Press: A Norwich student's Minecraft recreation of City HallA Norwich student's Minecraft recreation of City Hall (Image: Submitted)

He said: "My first attempt at the city was around 2014 and it was mediocre at best. I began making more realistic and proper building projects some time around 2017.

"Living in Norwich, I decided to see if many local landmarks had been made in the game, but found nothing except for a few old recreations of Carrow Road.

"City Hall seemed a good choice to build, being one of the more prominent buildings in the city, with the market in front."

Eastern Daily Press: City Hall on Minecraft, created by the Reddit user ajgorpolskaCity Hall on Minecraft, created by the Reddit user ajgorpolska (Image: Submitted)

The Minecrafter added that he had been inspired by the Campuscraft project - a community on the game which is building the University of East Anglia campus.

And his likeness of City Hall is uncanny, reproducing the iconic building in meticulous buildings.

He added: "More of Norwich might be built in the future. Some of my ideas include a small-scale replica of Anglia Square, to take a break from large, detailed replicas.

"So far, I've had some very positive feedback, such as from the r/Norwich community on Reddit.

Eastern Daily Press: A replica of City Hall, produced on MinecraftA replica of City Hall, produced on Minecraft (Image: Submitted)

"I'm happy that the project has been able to brighten up somebody's day, even just a little."

As well as sharing pictures of the project on social media the student, who lives in the NR3 area of Norwich, has created a blog where he publishes his creations.

Minecraft is a Swedish-made computer game, which allows players either to go on adventures or create buildings and has been credited with boosting school students' creativity, problem-solving skills and teamwork.

The student's blog can be found at