A retired window cleaner died from an industrial disease caused by exposure to asbestos, an inquest has heard.

Sidney Curtis, 90, died at his home in Sheringham on December 31 last year.

At an inquest into his death held at Norfolk Coroner's Court on Friday, March 26, Simon Milburn, an assistant coroner for Norfolk, said he was a retired owner of a window cleaning company.

The court heard how Mr Curtis had gone to his GP in March 2020, complaining of chest pains that had first developed the previous year.

Following a number of tests, Mr Curtis was diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma in April 2020.

In a statement, Lisa Harvey, Mr Curtis' daughter said her family were not sure when her father had come into contact with asbestos, but it was most likely during his time in the cleaning industry.

Mr Curtis' cause of death was given as mesothelioma and ischemic heart disease.

Concluding the inquest Mr Milburn said Mr Curtis died as the result of an industrial disease.