A woman who stamped down twice on a policeman's foot as they tried to remove her from a property has been ordered to pay him compensation.

Maureen McCue, 47, of Row 46, Great Yarmouth, pleaded guilty to the charge of assault by beating of an emergency worker when she appeared at Great Yarmouth Magistrate's Court on March 31.

According to prosecutor Lucy Broughton, police were called to an address in Great Yarmouth on February 15 of this year for a different matter when they found the defendant "drunk and agitated".

She said McCue then continued to be aggressive and resisted repeated police calls for her to leave the property.

"As she sat on the sofa she reached for a glass tumbler," Ms Broughton explained. "The officer then reached to take the glass tumbler from her hands, but she began kicking out her legs and refused to move.

"She stamped down hard on one of the officer's feet. He tried to reason with her but she maintained her behaviour and stamped down on his foot again, causing him pain."

Eastern Daily Press: Gage Harper, from Great Yarmouth, has appeared in court.Gage Harper, from Great Yarmouth, has appeared in court. (Image: Google images)

Ms Broughton noted that Ms McCue has no previous convictions and the officer involved sustained no lasting injuries.

Anne-Marie Sheridan, mitigating, said the defendant had "lost her good character" over this incident.

Addressing the court, she said: "Police attended the address, but Ms McCue believed nothing had taken place to necessitate their arrival.

"She didn't know why she was being asked to leave the property.

"On this occasion I think it's fair to say the police lost their patience.

"There were four of them, and all four took control of her even though she wasn't under arrest at that point.

"She was being lifted out the door and that's when she stamped her foot on the floor."

"Nevertheless", Ms Sheridan added, "the defendant regrets her actions".

She said her client was of "very limited means" and has six grandchildren to help look after.

Taking this into account, Chair of the Bench Nicholas Clarke said the matter would be dealt with by way of compensation, and ordered McCue pay £50 to the officer.