He is best known for his late night humour on the ITV Celebrity Juice entertainment show.

But Keith Lemon used his enthusiasm of the cinema to show the benefits of the overall film-watching experience on people to act as a guinea pig for a University of East Anglia (UEA) study.

The research by the UEA's School of Psychology, led by Dr Samuel Forbes, proved how people who watched a film on the big screen were more engaged in the story compared to people watching productions from their sofas.

Dr Forbes said: “Through assessing Keith’s reactions in two conditions using eye-tracking, ECG and emotional coding, our observations were overall consistent with greater engagement and physiological reactivity when a film was viewed in a cinema than on a TV in a lounge.

“The observations made during this demonstration indicate that people find watching a film in a cinema more engaging than on a TV.”

As part of the government's roadmap out of coronavirus lockdown, cinemas are now open to audiences after months of closure.

The presenter was wired up and tested while watching the same film in both a Showcase Cinema and in a living room television set up on a 40 inch screen.

A video camera was also set up facing the panel show host to record his reactions.

His facial expressions were also monitored using a special coding system which detects the tiniest of changes.

Mark Barlow, general manager of Showcase Cinemas UK, said: "It’s great to see that science underlines what many of us who work in the industry already knew - that there is really nothing to compare to watching a film on the big screen. It’s more exciting in every sense, as this scientific study has shown.”

The biometric detected that the comedian's heart rate was much more variable throughout the movie in the cinema where he also had more complete focus on the film.

He also showed more negative expressions, for example expressions indicating boredom, when watching from the living room setting.

The Celebrity Juice star said: "Go watch films on the big screen. It is time to say goodbye to your sofa."