The Black Prince has become a popular sight on the North Norfolk Railway running between Sheringham and Holt, but it has now made its return to the rails for the first time in five months.

The train will be hauling four trips between the two coastal towns, having returned on Saturday morning.

The locomotive will be doing the four trips each day until next weekend as the railway rotates between its five engines.

Simon Holyfield from the Friends of Black Prince, which looks after the vehicle, said: "The last time I fired it up was just before Christmas and I don't think it's been out since.

"It went into service this morning [Saturday] and it'll now be the main service loco doing Sheringham to Holt four times a day.

"We've got five locos in service and they rotate on a week-by-week, ten day basis, so we've had some of our other locos serviced when we came back on April 12, so we've been running other locos up until now."