A 54-year-old Norwich man is determined to cycle 274 miles to raise money after struggling back to health from a brain tumour.

Mike Palmer, a former civil servant, lost his mum to a brain tumour and after suffering excruciating headaches, found out he too had the same condition.

He underwent life saving surgery to remove the tumour which was 6cm long - and when he came round didn't even know who he was.

Eastern Daily Press: Mike and Debbie PalmerMike and Debbie Palmer (Image: Supplied)

But, with the help of his wife Debbie, a legal secretary, he learned to walk again and although he has made an incredible recovery, still suffers from various side effects.

He is determined to take part in the national cycle challenge over a month to raise funds for more research into finding a cure for brain tumours.

Eastern Daily Press: Mike PalmerMike Palmer (Image: Supplied)

He said: “Losing my mum was very distressing. She was diagnosed in 1989 and underwent surgery and 18 months of rehabilitation, only for the tumour to grow back three years later.

"Although she had further surgery, there was nothing more doctors could do and she passed away after becoming bed-bound and incontinent."

He added: “Before my surgery to remove the tumour at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, I was told the risks included a stroke and even death.

“However, brain surgery was the easy part; I have been left with numbness down the left side of my body, cognitive fatigue and personality changes.

"I am so grateful Debbie has stuck by me, particularly as we only got together two years before I was diagnosed.

“The hidden effects of my brain tumour have had the biggest impact on my life. Cognitive fatigue strikes me with no notice. Some days I can’t get out of bed and struggle to be up, showered and dressed before 5pm.

"It’s like living with jet-lag. I also suffer with mood swings and, having previously been a calm and rational person, I am now quick to get angry and frustrated and am living with depression.

“I am not a cyclist, but having been an active sportsman and keen rugby player before my diagnosis, I have signed up to do Cycle 274 Miles in August to raise awareness and funds leading to better treatments and ultimately a cure for brain tumours.”

To make a donation to Brain Tumour Research via Mike’s fundraising page, click here