A published author has been commended for working tirelessly when striving for women’s health and rights across the world.

Ruth Pearson has been active for the Women’s Budget Group, an independent, not-for-profit organisation that monitors the impact of government policies.

She played a influential role as part of a steering committee for a project called Caring Economy which has been picked up by politicians from all parties.

It was also picked up by those involved with Joe Biden's presidential campaign as part of its investment in care recovery programme.

Dr Mary-Ann Stephenson, director of the Women's Budget Group [WBG], said: "Ruth is incredibly committed to the work of WBG and work for equality more generally. She is tireless, committed and passionate.

"She is very active in a number of community groups in Norfolk but I can only talk about what she does with the WBG. She has shown a lifetime commitment to equality, robust relationship and the need to promote equality

"Ruth has been going for over 30 years and has been active for as long as I can remember from when it was an informal network with no paid staff."

Professor Pearson's research interests are focussed on women’s productive and reproductive work in the global economy, migration, ethnicity and labour organisation in Latin America, South East Asia and the UK. She is closely involved with work around care, social care and child care.

She is also Emeritus Professor of International Development at the University of Leeds.

Professor Pearson said there are two Norwich specific examples in the WBG Caring Economy report, namely Aviva’s generous and non-gender specific parental leave policies and the prize-winning environmentally sound Goldsmiths Street social housing.

The WBG analyse the impact of economic policies and recently published a report for New York University on the importance of social care across the world.

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