Bonfire Night should be something to be enjoyed, so Norfolk's councils are trying to make sure everyone has fun safely

Norfolk County Council suggests people not build their own bonfires, as they can spread quickly and have fatal consequences.

It also recommends people attend organised outdoor firework displays.

Norwich City Council has recommended people inform their neighbours of plans for bonfires or fireworks.

It suggests people keep pets inside. Low noise fireworks are also advised.

It also advises making sure there is nothing around to allow bonfires to spread, adding they should be about five times their height from your house.

City Hall has also urged people to never use petrol as an accelerant and to keep water at hand.

The Environment Agency has warned the public not to use bonfires as an excuse to burn rubbish.

The EA also encouraged people to make sure to only burn clean, dry, untreated and unpainted wood; only use small amounts of cardboard and paper; do not burn plastic, rubber, glass, oils or metal.

Fires must also not harm water, air, soil, plants or animals, cause excess noise and odour.