A hobbyist bin photographer from Caister is now the face of a company's new recycling bin scheme.

Dave Clark, also known as Dustbin Dave, 51, shot to fame earlier in February when we lifted the lid on his love of photographing rubbish receptacles.

Since then Dustbin Dave's peculiar penchant has been reported by The Daily Mirror and ITV.

%image(14397379, type="article-full", alt="Dustbin Dave was outside Norwich's Time2Vape store to launch the QBAR recycling bin scheme on Friday.")

Now the Caister father-of-two - who is particularly fond of bins with unique designs, sizes and locations - has landed his first brand deal.

Dustbin Dave has been signed up by Riot Labs - an award-winning disposable e-cigarette firm - to front their new recycling bin scheme which launches nationwide this week.

The firm is the first in the world to create a carbon negative disposable e-cigarette - QBAR - and, with the help of Dustbin Dave, is rolling out its distinctive recycling bins across the nation.

He said: "It's been an absolutely crazy week, and the phone hasn't stopped ringing with requests for media interviews.

"Riot Labs saw my story - it's been a whirlwind week and I've spoken to everybody - and they got in touch with me with an offer to promote their new disposable recycling scheme.

"I'll be photographing them as they're rolled out.

"I'm really impressed with QBAR, which is fully carbon negative, and the recycling schemes that have been launched.

"I am a vaper myself, but I didn't realise the impact of disposable e-cigarettes on the environment.

"If this company is promoting this new bin to help the environment to help the environment as well, I thought it was an offer I couldn't refuse."

%image(14397380, type="article-full", alt="Dustbin Dave said the QBAR recycling "is a real beauty".")

Dave said he was impressed with the design of the new bins.

"She's a real beauty," he said. "Nice and slimline and with a piggybank slot which will only be able to take parts from the QBAR.

"I always like to look at lids and they're openings and this one is a nice screw-top for nice easy use.

"I'm looking forward to photographing more of them as they are installed around the country."

15 million disposable e-cigarettes end up in landfill each month in the UK - contributing to hazardous waste, carbon emissions and non-adherence to environmental regulations.

%image(14397381, type="article-full", alt="Riot Labs signed up Dustbin Dave as the face of their new QBAR recycling bin scheme after he found fame for his love of bins.")

Find out more at rioteliquid.com/pages/riot-recycle