North Norfolk MP Duncan Baker has said relatives of his own constituents are among those stuck in Ukraine following the Russian invasion.

Mr Baker said he was "working hard" alongside the Home Office to bring the family members to the area.

He said the government was "moving as fast as it can" to help those who have been caught up in the invasion.

He told GB News on Thursday: "This morning I've been sitting with my team working with the Home Office hub getting stranded family members in Ukraine back to north Norfolk.

"This is a government that no matter what goes on behind the scenes, is moving as fast as it possibly can to help people across a range of spheres.

"It isn't a competition, it's no good saying the EU have done this and the United Kingdom hasn't done that."

It came after Mr Baker co-ordinated with a pub and a school to set up a pair of donation hubs in the constituency.

Following his comments, Mr Baker was asked by the GB News presenter if sanctions were being applied fast enough to Russia.

He replied: "This week we've already said we're bringing in the economic crime bill on Monday. That is already tabled so the legislation can start passing through the House.

"You've seen already sanctions that have hit well over 100 people. We are focusing on economic sanctions that will have far reaching consequences.

"The bottom line is, you are dealing with a dictator, that in some regard, no matter what sanctions you put in place, will it stop him from what he is doing in this entirely illegal operation?"

It comes after Russian north Norfolk resident, Boris Konoshenko, who owns Swafield Hall near North Walsham, said he felt “sad, ashamed and angry” after hearing Vladimir Putin’s forces had launched a full-scale assault on Ukraine.