You may spot a famous face at your local pub or shops as Joe Pasquale has moved to Norfolk.

The comedian revealed he has been living in the county for 10 days on The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X on Monday, March 21.

He is no stranger to Norfolk, having performed regularly at theatres and holiday parks there and many years ago lived in Hopton-on-Sea.

When asked by Chris why he moved to Norfolk, Mr Pasquale said: "I found that people have become less and less tolerant over the past two years.

"For the first three to six months of Covid people were nice to each other, but then it went on too long and people's tolerance got shorter.

"I have always found the way of life in Norfolk a lot friendlier to be honest with you and a lot more open than in London."

He added: "I really like the accent up here as well."

While he did not reveal where in Norfolk he has moved to, he told Chris Moyles that he has already been to a psychic night at the local pub.