Viral sensation Big Jet TV has been filming at RAF Lakenheath to celebrate the new Top Gun Maverick film, starring Tom Cruise.

Invited by the 48th Fighter Wing of the United States Air Force, which is stationed at the Suffolk air base, Big Jet TV was given rare access to the runway to film fighter jets taking off on Wednesday morning.

In a Twitter video, Jerry Dyer, who runs the channel, said: "We're gonna be inside the base, checking all the crews gearing up, getting ready.

"When we're there, it's gonna be absolutely awesome.

"We will be featuring and focussing on the F-15 Eagles, proper Maverick style."

Big Jet TV rose to national fame during Storm Eunice when more than 200,000 people tuned in to watch planes attempt to land at London Heathrow.

The channel was the second-highest trend on Twitter on Friday, February 18 as Storm Eunice ravaged the country.