20 or 30? Confusing speed limit sign in Norfolk village

Mill Road, Banham

Is the limit 20mph or 30? Confusing signs in Banham in south Norfolk - Credit: Submitted

You know you've got to slow you down. But how much have you got to slow you down by?

People driving through Banham in south Norfolk could be forgiven for being somewhat confused when they turn onto Mill Road.

Tthe "Slow You Down" speed signs that can be found at either end of the village of Wiveton, instead

A sign that greets motorists in Wiveton, in north Norfolk - Credit: Matthew Usher

For the sign on one side of the road says 20mph, while one on the other says 30.

So does that mean 20, 30 - or split the difference and call it 25?


The signs as seen on Google Streetview, where both say 30mph - Credit: Google

A check online reveals the answer. For it looks like the signs appear to say 20mph on one side and 30 on the other, with one being turned around by a prankster. 


And on the other side, the signs say 20 - Credit: Gogle

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