�1m Asia deal for Loddon-base Mussett Engineering expertise

The manufacturing and production expertise of a Norfolk firm will be used to help an Indian factory produce aerospace components in a deal worth more than �1m.

Loddon-based Mussett Engineering has created six more jobs as a result of the contract which will see the company undertake full-time engineering consultancy at a factory near Bangalore.

The consultancy work will cover the full production of various aerospace components from raw material to finished components, including the manufacturing process, CNC programming, tooling and design of jigs and fixtures via specialised software links.

Managing director Gordon Mussett said: 'We have an excellent reputation as a supplier to the aerospace industry and our decades of experience means that our skilled engineers form a vital link in the production chain.

'This contract will see our engineers go through the complete manufacturing and machining process for these components so that this can be replicated by their counterparts in India.

'Working remotely in this way is something new for us, but modern technology will mean that it's not too different from our engineers' methods being put into place by machinists on our own shop floor except that is 5,000 kilometres away rather than 30 metres.'

There is a possibility the contract will lead to more jobs over the next two years.

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The deal will last for at least three years. Once the initial process, programme and designs for each of the components is completed, the work will pass fully to India where full-scale production of the parts will continue.

Mussett Engineering currently employs about 120 staff at its headquarters in south Norfolk.


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