Mother’s Day 2017: Last minute shopping tips to treat your mum

Have you left Mother's Day shopping too late? Look no further. Picture: Zoonar RF

Have you left Mother's Day shopping too late? Look no further. Picture: Zoonar RF - Credit: Getty Images/Zoonar RF

With Mother's Day this Sunday, many of you will be pulling your hair out in desperation. What should I get her? What does she want? Why did I leave it so late again?

Fear not - we have a fool proof guide to make sure your Mother gets the great gift she deserves.

1. Flowers

Don't worry flowers aren't a cliché – they are a classic.

This late in the game you may well have missed your chance to order a bouquet online, so head down to Cary's Flower Stall in Norwich Market.

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They have a selection of cut flowers, plants and florists' sundries for you to choose from.

Why not get something unique and get one of Cary's experts to make up a bouquet for you while you wait.

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2. Take her for a slice

You could find yourself struggling to book a table at Pizza Express this Sunday.

Instead of taking her to a chain why not seek out something a bit more special. Try Donnelli's Pizzeria near Castle Mall. This family run restaurant serves up authentic wood-fired pizzas made with the freshest ingredients.

The small and stylish establishment is the perfect place to take your mum this weekend.

3. Chocolates

Chocolates fall under than same 'classic' status as flowers. You simply can't go wrong with them.

Digby's Fine Chocolates in The Royal Arcade has a wide choice of English and Belgium chocolate's for you to choose from.

You could grab a chocolate gift box, chocolate cherries, or perhaps some 'message mice' to show her how grateful you are.

It doesn't matter that you have rushed to buy them last minute, the imaginative and unique packaging that the store offers will make sure she feels special.

4. A Good Read

Think hard. She has been mentioning a book she has wanted to read for the past few weeks.

You know the one – the one her friends have been reading. She mentioned it to you as a not so subtle hint and now for the life of you, you can't remember.

There is no need to panic, just nip over to The Book Hive.

The independent bookshop, found in the Norwich lanes, has a unique selection of books for you to choose from.

They probably have the book she wants and even if they don't you are sure to find something she will love even more.

5. Treat her to a Pampering session

Your Mum does a lot for you and deserves a bit of pampering from time to time.

Send her for a massage at The Orange Grove Clinic. Situated in the Norwich lanes, the clinic's 'massage angels' will make your mother feel heavenly.

Best of all, if you buy one voucher now, you get another half price.

6.Tea/ Coffee

Any son or daughter that wants to get in the good books will be bringing their mum breakfast in bed on Sunday morning.

It's a simple gesture, but one she will no doubt appreciate. With just a little bit of effort you can make it extra special.

Simply pop down to Wilkinson's Teas and Coffee Merchant in the lanes and grab a perfect and personal Mother's Day gift.

The family run business has over 35 different coffees freshly ground and roasted, and more than 160 loose leaf teas for you to choose from. No doubt the store's experts will help you find your Mum's new favourite cuppa!

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