Micro pigs making a major impact at Wroxham Barns - readers send in their names for the sisters

The micro-pigs that have captured the EDP readers and visitors to Wroxham Barns imagination coming u

The micro-pigs that have captured the EDP readers and visitors to Wroxham Barns imagination coming up with names.Photo : Steve Adams - Credit: Steve Adams

With spring well and truly sprung, Wroxham Barns was awash with visitors - and there was no doubt about the star attractions.

The 10-week-old micro-pigs may be small in stature, but the porcine pair have captured the hearts of a legion of fans.

Friday marked their official adoption by the Eastern Daily Press – and we have been looking for your help to name the cheeky duo.

So far hundreds of people have made their suggestions as to what their names should be – from Ginger and Spice to Thelma and Louise.

Pippa Northway, junior farmer at Wroxham Barns said: 'They have such massive personalities and at the moment they are really grasping the attention of everyone that comes here.

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'They are like true sisters: they play together, then they fight together and they were both tugging at a copy of Friday's Eastern Daily Press paper with their faces on. There has been a great response from readers as to what they think the names should be and I am sure whatever they are called will be great.'

Hundreds of visitors were at the Tunstead Road site over the Easter weekend to take a first look at the micro-pigs as well as the goats, ponies, pigs, lambs, guinea pigs and rabbits on the site.

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The pair are expected to grow to the size of a cocker-spaniel, at around 15 to 20 inches.

The pair gained a massive amount of interest from youngsters, including eight-year-old Lily Dagless who was extremely excited to see them for the first time.

She said: 'They are both really cute and they are the kind of animals you would like as a pet. I would name one of them Meep.'

Sisters Eleanor, three, and Hellena Janes, two, of Norwich visited the junior farm yesterday with their parents.

Their father, Tony, said: 'They were both extremely excited to see the micro-pigs and really enjoyed seeing them run around after each other.'

Eleanor said that she hoped the micro-pigs were called Kiera, after her best friend, and Holly.

The person whose name is chosen as the winner will receive a family pass to visit the junior farm.

To suggest names for the sisters email Rosa.McMahon@archant.co.uk or write to Rosa McMahon, Editorial, Prospect House, Norwich, NR1 1RE, giving your full name, address and telephone number.

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