Live review: Slaves at Latitude Festival 2014


Proud exports of Royal Tunbridge Wells Slaves caused a stir on the Lake Stage on Saturday.

The raw punk duo blasted through a fun set and even managed to draw a crowd surfer at the festival better known for olives and yoga than rock and roll.

Not ones to take themselves seriously, singer and drummer Isaac Holman introduced a song about the terror of walking their friend Debby to her car – through woods in Tunbridge Wells where it was rumoured that a Sasquatch was living.

And taking a post-punk turn, a spoken word intro to Girl Fight recounted a drunken trip to get takeaway food before stumbling upon said fight and gawping out of curiosity – when the song erupted into a raucous guitar riff.

Towards the end of the set the heavily-tattooed duo of Holman, standing up drumming and singing, and guitarist Laurie Vincent got shirtless and gave all they had left.

The primal energy of Slaves made for an exciting live show.

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